SpoonAlarm 1.02

Free alarm manager with MP3 support


  • Customisable snooze
  • Skinnable interface
  • MP3 support


  • Lacks visuals or animations

Very good

The old fashioned alarm clock and even the clock radio are on their last legs since more and more people turn to their mobile phone to wake them up these days.

That said, the built-in alarm in Windows Mobile does lack somewhat in functionality.

SpoonAlarm attempts to redress that, including a series of 'must-have' features that will help you manage your alarms more effectively.

It is even capable of playing back MP3 tracks as your alarm sound.

Using the program is so simple you could probably do it in your sleep before SpoonAlarm has even woken you up.

Simply create a new alarm, set the date and time and select the sound you want to use - the program will take care of everything else.

There are plenty of options to tinker with and from the options menu you can customize the snooze function, change the colour of the environment, display operational alarms, among several other possibilities.

It all works very well and the only thing really missing is some neat animations or cool visuals that appear when then alarm goes off.

If you want to wake up to the sound of your favourite song, then get hold of SpoonAlarm and you can do so with ease.

The SpoonAlarm is a simple and useful alarm application, combining a friendly interface with a loud mp3 based alarm capabilities. With a couple of clicks you can setup your next alarm, select your favorite MP3 song, configure your preferable snoozing option - and all using a friendly user interface designed to work with no stylus.



SpoonAlarm 1.02

User reviews about SpoonAlarm

  • by Anonymous

    I cant make more than one alarm.
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  • by Anonymous

    It is good can use MP3 as alarm sound, but..........
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